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  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Add-on Information
  4. Issues
  5. Changelog
  6. Credits


  • Blender (Only tested on 2.76/2.77)


  1. Run Blender on your computer.
  2. Go to File -> User Preferences.
  3. Switch to the Add-ons tab.
  4. Press Install from file, and select the zip file containing this addon.
  5. Search for the add-on in the list, and enable it (search for "rise").
  6. Press Save User Settings so that the add-on is loaded on Blender startup.

Add-on Information

A Blender add-on to import and export Rise of Nations BigHuge3D mesh, UVs, skeleton, and BigHugeAnimation files.

In order to best use this add-on, you'll neeed to keep these tips in mind:

  • Bones are connected to vertices through vertex groups.
  • Each vertex can only be controlled by one bone (no blending).
  • When animating, it is best to use 30 FPS.
  • Bones should be animated using quaternion rotation.
  • The file format does not support bone scaling.
  • To export a mesh, select the object containing the mesh, and use the export BH3 function from the File menu.
  • To import/export an animation, select the object containing the armature, then use the import/export BHA function from the File menu.
  • Animations can only be applied to armatures with the same exact skeleton hierarchy as in the animation file.


Please report any issues, or bugs that you may have here.


  • 1.0.2016.0513
    • First Release


  • Ryder25 - For creating the add-on. (modding(at)petartasev(dot)com)


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RoN Blender Addon 1.0.2016.0513 22 kB


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I am running into problems using this plugin.

I followed all the instructions as given, but this was the end result of my animation work:

This should not be happening at all. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

You'll have to send me the blender file so I can investigate.

Here you go.


Here is a master file.


In the skin object, select the pose, and in the data tab, choose "rest position" instead of "pose position".  Now when you export the bh3 model, the vertices should look correct in relation to the bones.

(3 edits)

Regret to tell you that it still does not work. Parts are still distorting and shrinking with rotational animations. I have tested with a Skirmisher model, and despite my best efforts, its shield keeps distorting whenever it attacks something.
I can give you my files for my latest unit, you will see that I am right.

Am I right in understanding that you want me to make changes from the Properties section for the Armature? If so, then I must warn you, I tried that as you asked but it still would NOT work. Distortions take place especially on any bone tiered off from a single parent bone when rotations take place.

(1 edit)

Here are the latest files for my latest unit. If you try assembling them, you will discover that the unit's shields swell and shrink during the attack animation cycle in RoN. I managed to resolve that issue in a previous unit by unlinking the shield but that is not an option for other units - I have a swordsman, a pikeman and a spearman left. All of them cannot afford to have shields that cannot be moved about or are stuck to the arm.


I saw what you mean in-game with the shields shrinking. Unfortunately, I do not know why this happens. If you import the bh3 and bha file into Blender, everything works correctly.  What's even more strange is that the files don't store any scale data so it doesn't make sense that the shields would be changing in size.